Best Travel Tip: Speak English

Alex Berezovsky


November 26, 2013

Being able to communicate with people from other countries that speak different mother tongue language is very important, especially when we travel abroad. The English language has become Lingua franca in the whole world thanks to the colonization which spread the English language to virtually all continents and sometimes entirely replacing the native language of the colony and the entire continent.

Lingua franca is a synonym for a common language between two persons that don’t share the same mother tongue language, in the past, Latin was the universal language in the Roman Empire for many centuries, people from different ethnicity living on the far opposite corners of the Empire could talk to each other in Latin without problem and this was beneficial for everyone who knew this language.

Today in this globalized world where there are no limits of where we can go or travel, our new Lingua franca is the English language which has become one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. International travel and tourism increases every year, the need for communication between people also increases and the most widely used language is English because more and more people are studying this language. Today there are about 500 million native speakers of the English language and more than one billion that can speak to at least a basic level and even more that can understand but cannot speak fluently. It has been adopted as primary language in the aviation, diplomacy, science, business, tourism and many places where communication between different language speakers is necessary. Hollywood movie and entertainment industry has helped a lot in popularization of the English language, movies are excellent ways of spreading the language and the most watched are the ones from the English speaking countries, also the music has enormous influence in spreading the language, almost all popular international songs are in English.

People who often travel to different countries have testified that English is the most spoken and popular language in the world today, almost every hotel in the world has English speaking staff, the menu in the restaurants are most of the time bilingual with translation in English, sellers and street merchants as well as big businessman have seen the advantage of speaking English long ago and it is now the standard language in business. Sometimes when we travel into some remote area there could be some difficulties if there is no one who speaks or understands English, but in that case there are other ways to communicate using gestures and mimics. In just a couple of centuries the English language has become the most popular and widely spoken language in the world, enabling people of different countries to communicate, exchange ideas and trade more easily than ever before.


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