ESL program may not be ready in time for immigration reform

Today, at this very moment, perhaps hundreds of thousands of persons in scores of countries all over the world are anticipating the possibility of the prospect of freedom. The American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is taking shape in the lives of many abroad, as well as for the 11 million […]

Debating – The Best Way to Learn a Language?

As with learning any language, practice and repetition are essential. When it comes to learning a second language though, the question up for debate poses, “What is the best way to learn?” A comparison of the two most popular methods of teaching and learning show both to be effective approaches. The first, the classroom method […]

How to Learn English Slang

As one of the most spoken language in the world today, the English language has spread during the past few centuries across several continents and different countries. From the U.S.A., UK, Canada, Ireland to Australia, New Zealand and the African continent, Nigeria and South Africa and some other countries. All these countries have adopted the […]

Myths and misconceptions about learning a second language

Many people think that a second language would be really useful but very time consuming and difficult. They are correct in that it is time consuming but if you are prepared to put in the effort it can be very rewarding. The problem is when somebody is in an environment where the spoken tongue is […]

Test Of English For International Communication

Benefits of Online English Courses (TOEIC) In today’s fast paced world, classroom teaching still remains the current traditional method of learning.  This type of curriculum setting is beneficial in numerous ways.  Hands on, face to face teaching enables social interaction which can and does have benefits that other methods do not.  This blog is about […]


English-by-Phone is a privately owned online school that teaches the English language to students and organizations around the world. While the school leverages a web-based platform, it organizes one-on-one and group lessons both online and via phone. In 2011 alone, the English-by-Phone network organized over 60,000 private and group lessons combined in 2011. History English-by-Phone was […]

Students can only focus for 15-minute intervals

University students attend lectures throughout the week. They listen to anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours of tutors talking at them but with relatively little interaction, despite there being between 20 and 100 people in the classroom at any one time! Even high school students suffer the same problem. Why? It is simply the […]