Choosing Between American and British Pronunciation

Alexandria Ingham

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June 10, 2013

Learning English as a second language is actually quite difficult. There are many words that sound similar and some words can be pronounced in different ways. One of the biggest problems is dealing with the pronunciation from different countries. Should you opt for British pronunciation or the American ones?


Learning General American Pronunciations

There are many companies that teach the general American pronunciations. This is the type of language that you will hear on the TV and the radio and doesn’t include the local slang. Many Americans will learn this general pronunciation – in fact, it is only the deep south where the local accent and slang are used.

General American pronunciations are also used in other countries, such as Canada and Australia. It has become a worldwide language and is popular for most learning English as a second language.


Learning the British Pronunciations

When learning about British pronunciations, you will learn the “Queen’s English”. This is the most commonly form of British English that is used on TV shows but isn’t that common in the actual country! Most of the people talk with their own accents and dialects, which can make it difficult to understand each other.


Choosing Between the Pronunciations

Which one should you choose? This depends on where you are going to be living. If you are moving to England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, learning the British pronunciations will be more beneficial. However, you will need to consider the fact that you will learn the Queen’s English and not that which is spoken around most of the country. You will stand out – but then, you will also stand out if you learn General American.

If you are going to move anywhere else, General American is probably the best one to learn. This is especially the case for America or Canada. Most of the people will talk with similar accents so you will fit in much easier. They will also understand everything you say – and vice versa.

Find a version that you are more comfortable with. The more that you enjoy speaking the language, the more you will learn and understand. This will help you a long way when you decide to move to the country. You may also find that one is simply easier for you to pick up than the other, which will help.


Click here to watch a video of Amy Walker speaking 21 English accent in one take (2:36 minutes)


Coming Soon! Lessons on Pronunciation by British, Australian, and American English teachers.

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