Debating – The Best Way to Learn a Language?

Lia Nelson


June 6, 2013

As with learning any language, practice and repetition are essential. When it comes to learning a second language though, the question up for debate poses, “What is the best way to learn?” A comparison of the two most popular methods of teaching and learning show both to be effective approaches.

The first, the classroom method is the traditional style, a format of one teacher and multiple students. Instructors provide a great deal of knowledge about grammatical rules, syntax, and verb agreements, presenting the mechanics of the new language. Students, in turn, listen, repeat and are also encouraged to respond in the language being taught and learn from the speaking and mistakes of self and classmates.

The second method of learning is the immersion method. This technique is useful when learning an initial language and any additional languages thereafter. The immersion method thrusts the learner into a situation wherein native speakers surround them. This style of learning offers very little, if any, rules an explanation and the ‘picking up’ of the language comes through understanding context, tone, idioms, and absorption.

While both methods have proven effective, the debate remains, which is the best approach? According to a study published by The Public Library of Science, those who learned through immersion not only retained the language, but also showed a native-like processing of grammar. The winner of the debate may lay with the learner. Just as teaching styles differ, so too do those of learners. For some, being fully immersed may help more than a classroom setting ever could. For others, the traditional method may be the key to their second language fluency success.

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  • asitha kikila

    The best way is: read, listen as much as you can, then your 4 skills will increase automatically and instantly.

  • sharen dias

    I have been studying English. There is class that native speaker comes once every week. I am happy, because I have a chance that I can listen to voice of native speaker.

  • jonathan riched

    I’m very happy that i have chance to read this post. I think that it is a good text and it has useful for all people and learners

  • elada bara

    I think combined method of explicit and implicit method would be good for adults, because we adults have experience learning foreign language by grammar rules and it is easy way to understand a foreign language structure.