Raymond Murphy – English Grammar in Use

Shelly Wyatt


June 10, 2013

Raymond Murphy the author of the world’s best-selling grammar book is a hero to many. His forward thinking, innovative books have changed the lives of many around the world. He started out teaching English as a second language in Germany, and in Oxford England. His passion for the English language and English grammar is what drove him along with the needs of his students.

There are many different ways to learn a language. Some are obviously better than others. Raymond Murphy has devised a way to make things just a little bit easier for the student. The English language is the most spoken language in the world, and it seems that everyone wants or needs to learn it. He found that teaching the English language was not the problem, but finding the time to teach the grammar. He decided that grammar could be taught anywhere in the world with the proper book.

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In the early 1980’s Raymond Murphy was teaching the English language to students whose first languages were varied. In other words not all of them spoke the same first language. He discovered how hard it really was to try and teach grammar to a group of students. The students would come to him, and ask where they could find a book on English grammar. The truth of the matter was that he could not think of one book that would be helpful to them.

Raymond Murphy

Realizing this was a problem he decided to come up with some of the answers for them in the form of small worksheets. These worksheets contained a certain set of answers for the students. Murphy kept these worksheets in the college library for all to use. They became increasingly popular with the students. Murphy put together around 30 of these helpful worksheets, and then he realized he could combine them into a book.

These worksheets had three different components to them. The first component was the explanation. It was here that the grammar was explained in uncomplicated terms. The second component contained exercises. The exercises found here were easy exercises to get the participant used to the grammar they were trying to perfect. The third component is where one could find the answers to the exercises. The students were thrilled with these worksheets. These worksheets made things easy to understand and comprehend; this is what makes them so popular today.

  • dushantha naveen

    The grammar resource for students and teachers. And the layout is completely user-friendly.

  • suresh winga

    If I could give this book a 10, I definitely would. This is the very book I learned and polished my grammar with, just by sitting and doing all the exercises, one by one, every day

  • karu paraya

    All Murphy’s textbooks are awesome manuals to the English language.

  • rama perera

    There are all levels from beginner to advanced. Loads of exercises, rules, useful advice. A free tutor of English at home!

  • kolin nuwan

    A great book for students learning English. I recommend this grammar book to all my ESL students. I wish I had had a book like this to learn French.

  • chathu moola

    Absolutely THE BEST ESL GRAMMAR BOOK. Raymond Murphy should’ve got Nobel for this masterpiece.