Honing English Language Skills Through Technology


October 14, 2013

Learning a new language is no easy task, and some languages are more difficult than others to master. While learning English is no walk in the park, technology helps to simplify the process. Students are now finding it easier than ever to immerse themselves in the English language and improve both their conversation and writing skills.


How Technology is Improving the Language Learning Process

English is a particularly difficult language to master in terms of pronunciation and grammar. Those who are just learning the language may become easily discouraged when they are forced to communicate in an environment they are uncomfortable with. For example, a student may experience embarrassment if they make a mistake in front of the entire class. This can hinder future progression as the student will do everything in their power to avoid future embarrassment. With the use of technology, this can be avoided as students are able to practice their pronunciation in private with the help of audio exercises and lessons.

Through the use of technology, the learning process also becomes far more rich and robust. Interactive virtual worlds and language learning games can spark a student’s imagination while also providing them with the tools they need to master the English language. Instead of spending the vast majority of their time listening to the language, the student is able to interact with the English language in a whole new way. From audio samples, to virtual storybooks, games and other interactive exercises, technology allows students to really immerse themselves in the language.


The Advantages of Using Technology to Learn English

  • Improved comprehension of exercises: Technology allows students to listen and read English text simultaneously. Being able to see the words while also hearing the correct pronunciation of the words helps to improve comprehension of the language and allows students to apply new concepts quickly and easily.
  • Expanded vocabulary: When students are only able to learn through traditional textbook methods, they are presented with a major disadvantage. Technology allows students to quickly and easily expand their vocabulary. Words and their meanings are always up to date, and students are not forced to rely on dated textbooks for their vocabulary needs.
  • Pronunciation is quickly mastered: With the help of technology, students can improve their pronunciation by listening to audio files created by native speakers. In addition, students can also record their pronunciation, compare it to the audio file and make any necessary adjustments.


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