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Our Methodology

English-by-Phone is an online English school with online (or by phone) live classes. Take English lessons anytime and from wherever you want.

Private classes are the most effective way to improve your language skills. The content for each class is based on the student’s personal learning goals and interests.

Our lessons with certified native speakers teach you real English for real-life situations. Interactive video, audio, and texts will make lessons pleasant and diversified.
One-on-one classes boost your learning progress and confidence in English.

For each lessons, you will receive all the following services:

  1. The content of the live class (with exercises)

You will have access to the content that you will talk about with your teacher during the live lesson from your student panel. The content is separated per lesson.

Most lessons contain audio, video, and exercises. You should review the content of the lesson before receiving the call from your teacher.

  1. Three connection options

Depending on your Internet connection speed or personal circumstances, your teacher can call you on any of the following devices:

• Virtual classroom (recommended)
• Skype (second choice)
• Landline / mobile phone

The virtual classroom is accessible from your student panel.
You must have at least 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload to fully enjoy the features of the virtual classroom.

It is possible to use a different connection option for every lesson.

  1. Class report

During your lesson, your teacher will carefully listen to your speech and take notes of your mistakes. After each and every lesson, your teacher will send you a report. The report will include:

• a list of your mistakes with the proper correction;
• recommendations and notes based on the area of study (e.g., grammar notes, vocabulary notes, etc.);
• pronunciation tips and audio files for you to understand the proper pronunciation; and
• an overall review of the live lesson with some recommendations on your performance.

Click here to view an example of the class report.

  1. Homework

After every lesson, your teacher will assign you homework based on the most prominent mistake you did during the live lesson. The homework will contain a theory and a practice section. On your request, you can review the homework with your teacher during your next lesson.

  1. Audio recording

Your lessons are recorded. You have access to the recordings from the reports column on the live lessons page. If the play icon is green, it means that your lesson was successfully recorded.

Note that your lesson will not be recorded if it is held on Skype. You can disable the recording function from your student panel; from the connection type tab, go to Settings.

  1. Attendance report

After each lesson, your teacher will report the lesson to your English-by-Phone’s academic advisor. If your lesson is missed due to the teacher’s fault, an advisor will contact you directly to reschedule (with the same teacher or with another teacher).

  1. Video conference and screenshare

Depending on your connection speed, you can use the video conference and the screenshare feature. Make sure that your connection speed is at least 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload or you will lose a lot of the sound quality.
All English-by-Phone teachers have the necessary bandwidth to support these features.



• Postpone any time

From the postpone page of your student panel, you can change your schedule whenever you want. Make sure that you postpone a lesson at least 24 hours before the start time.

• Change your teacher

You are not tied to your teacher. If you want to study with other teachers, you can always do so from the unscheduled page of your student panel.

• Progress report

A progress report is available with the course type exam evaluation.


English-by-Phone offers four different course types:

General English
The lessons of the general English courses are nonsequential and not progressive. They are lessons about a same subject (topic) that can be taken in different order.
With the general English courses, there are no regular evaluations or progress reports.

Exam Preparation
The Exam Preparation courses are designed for more serious learners. The lessons of these courses are sequential and progressive. An exam course is split into a group of lessons punctuated by an evaluation session with a different teacher (certified evaluator).

All exam preparation courses are designed according to a recognized standardized test of English language proficiency (such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc.)

Specialized English
The specialized English courses have the same structure as the general English courses with the distinction of having a teacher who has extra qualifications for the subject. For example, the Legal English Course is taught by the teacher Jonathan P, who is a certified CELTA teacher but also has a degree in law (Magistrates Court qualification). He practiced law in excess of 10 years.

The exam evaluations are live lessons in which a certified evaluator will contact you to assess your current progress.
Before the live lesson with the evaluator, you have to complete a set of exercises.
Once your evaluation is completed, you will receive an email within 12 hours with your evaluation result. You can view the result of your evaluation form the Progress Report page and download a one page pdf file or a six page report.

The graph section of the progress report page will display your progress per area.

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Free Evaluation

To help you get started with one of our programs, we offer a free evaluation. You just have to fill out the form on this page and one of our evaluators will call you at the time that you specified.

Please note: Our evaluators speak only English. It is important that your level is high enough to have a short conversation in English.

During the live evaluation, the evaluator will collect the necessary information to build a study program for you.

After the call, the evaluator will send you an email with the following information:

• a short text that summarizes the conversation you had with your evaluator;
• the resume of the teacher(s) your evaluator selected for you;
• a schedule with the time, date, teacher and connection type for every lesson;
• the details of your course;
• more information about the pricing;
• a link to download your invoice in pdf format;
• login and password access to your student account;
• more information about your academic advisor;
• a set of payment links so you can select the most suitable payment option for you.

Click here to view an example of that email.

A free evaluation lasts ten to fifteen minutes.

You can change your teacher and the time/date for every lesson before you purchase the program – and after! You can do so from your student panel or by asking your academic advisor to do it for you.

There are no obligations for you to buy the program that we created for you as a result of the free evaluation.

The program will be automatically deleted if we don’t hear from you within 3 days. You will still have access to your student panel.

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