How to Learn English with the News

Ana Live


June 7, 2013

There are many different ways to learn a new language but one of the best methods to learn how to speak the English language is to watch news and other shows in English language on television frequently.

Even for students that are already quite fluent during the English school lessons, one of the failures is the use of the slang and the problems with everyday words which have different meaning as well as different accents they can be pronounced in.

Education through watching news on television can increase the grammar and articulation limits of the student vividly. Not only the learner can hear the words but he or she can hear it in different accents. There is a difference in saying a word if the word is said with an accent.

Additional benefit to watching television news is the knowledge of playing with words. English taught in schools can be very stiff and many times the words sound like straight out of the dictionary and may come across funny to an English native. For example, Americans have an inclination to cut short their sentences and they also like to use abbreviations. These can be confusing and unclear to a student and sometimes the mix-up can lead them to say the wrong things at the wrong time which can lead to problems.

Many words are not to be found in the dictionary. Slang words are very common and these can be heard used in their proper context on television news or other programs.

Learning through television news however is very good for articulation purposes because the student can actually hear the words spoken as they should be, as long as they know what kind of news they are watching – American, Australian, British or other.


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