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English-by-Phone for Organizations

Delivering a combination of English language instruction and cultural training, English-by-Phone is an effective, engaging language-learning solution that can have a tremendous impact on a company’s reach, efficiency, and productivity.  With comprehensive language courses, English-by-Phone arms companies with the skills they need to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

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Instructor-Led Training

Live  lessons taught by expert instructors are structured around our course curriculum and combined with 24/7 access to our online, self-study language courses.  Live courses can also be customized to fit an organization’s needs.

Administrative Tools

The English-by-Phone Management Console is a powerful user management and reporting tool that gives administrators full control over their organization’s roll out, license management, and usage and progress reporting.

Account Management

Experienced account managers provide personal support to administrators throughout the program—from the initial roll out to reporting.  Once employees are in the English-by-Phone system, the interface takes over, guiding employees through the learning experience and eliminating the need for additional training.


  • On-demand self-paced learning. English-by-Phone for Organizations incorporates today’s learning styles with bite-size modular course design.
  • Library of 7,000+ free and paid courses. Over 75% of English-by-Phone’s content library is free of charge and covers a wide variety of topics.
  • Curate your courses and select your company’s own content in addition to English-by-Phone’s existing library to create best-in-class content collections.
  • Monitor employee progress & performance with advanced analytics. Easily add groups and users and even pre-assign courses.
  • Easy-to-use course creation tools. English-by-Phone’s course creation tool is the most elegant yet powerful tool of its kind on the market today.
  • Customize your site with your company’s logo, background of choice, and start sharing courses with your employees today!


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